Best Running Plays on Madden 25

By Kilo On 16 Aug, 2013 At 06:18 PM | Categorized As Offensive Tips | With 10 Comments



Madden 25 has brought back my optimism regarding running the football. The blocking is improved, the running moves have been improved, and best of all there are a ton of new runs to mess around with. In the video below I go over one of my favorite runs from each playbook. These runs are not guaranteed touchdowns by any means, but they are some of the most consistent runs that I have found in each playbook and you will see that consistency in the video.

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  1. Michael says:

    I’d rule the Bal flipped one because it’s limited to one side. I know it has the one glitch pass that goes along with it, but it’s not as diversed as the other runs. After that I really don’t know. I’d just say that for this year, imo the inside type runs are gonna be better. You can do them with fast or power back, and this year the power back is looking like a more viable option than last year.

  2. ELKIN says:

    h very good video man, and this madden has new challenges.
    congratulations on your videos, but I have a concern.
    in the game you see here, WHY NOT WATCH THE GAME BRAND?
    AS YOU DO?

  3. h kilo the game clock does not go … I see how you do?

    • Kilo says:

      u mean the playclock? yeah I turn it off on the demo cause i’m usually labbing. If you pause the game then go to settings you can disable it. Thanks for the comment

  4. Joe P says:

    Hey kilo wassup bro… just watched your videos on the run game… very impressive!!! I have a couple plays I like to run out of my own created playbook… I run a power run offense using a lot of 2TE and 3TE sets… check out “Mtn Power O” in the Strong I Twin TE set… it gives very consistent yards using a pulling guard, motioned TE and blocking FB all towards the run block right tackle… Also, check out “Base Power O” in the singleback bunch base set… it gives you the same look without the FB involved…

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